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    CyberFreight Services is one of the first companies in Singapore to launch a freight on line service to the shippers from all walks of live. Anyone could easily log on to the Internet and do a booking on the Cyberfreight page to ship their goods to any part of the globe.

    As we are connecting the carriers direct to the shippers at their PC's. CyberFreight is a freight  forwarder who deals with the carriers and arrange your shipments safe and on time to your consignees. We are the one stop organization for your shipping needs whether your from a multinational company or from a simple background.

    Cyberfreight is the doorway to the new era of shipping in the our technological  Millennium.


Cyberfreight Services

320 Serangoon Road

#04-32, Serangoon Plaza

Singapore 218108

Tel: 2911296, Fax: 2911265