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Confirm Shipments

This service is provided to make shipper's burden easier as there need not call and wait for the reply of the rate for your shipment. You could easily obtain the rate data for the port you wish to ship to in a matter of seconds.

- Schedule your Shipments

You could also ask our services to pick up your shipment from your door step and deliver to the carriers one week in advance. This actually helps to program your schedules.

- Confirm Shipment and draft your Bill of Lading on line

Once your are satisfied with our rates and would like to make a shipment,  we will get back to you with the shipping schedules for you to chose the next available vessel of your need. Once you have confirmed that you are sure that you have place your shipment on safe hands. You then required to draft the Bill of Lading for our shipping needs.

- Extra Services

We also provide permit documentation and Insurance for your shipments on request. We also provide delivery of your documents at your door step for SGD6.00 per set.

- Payment

Once the shipment is shipped out we will be e-mailing you the Invoice for you to make the payment by cheque on collection/ delivery of your documents.